Thought Dump is changing


I’m not going to publish weekly blog posts on Thought Dump anymore. It sucks to say it, but I don’t have time to and I haven’t for a while.

Recently I started driving to work, which has made my commute a lot easier. I used to have to sit on long, tedious train journeys.

But I did a lot of writing on those train journeys. And I don’t have them anymore.

I’ve been doing weekly posts up to now, but it’s been challenging. I’ve rushed to get just a single post ready a few days in advance, and I’ve felt beat while doing so.

So I’ve decided to take the pressure off myself. And this is something I’ve also been thinking of doing for a while.

Nearly two years

I was hoping I could get to the two-year anniversary of TD in July before changing my posting schedule.

It sounds cooler to say ‘I published a blog post every week for two years’ than ‘I published a blog post every week for just under two years’.

And it sounds even less cool to say ‘I publish blog posts two or three times a month’, but I’ll have a much easier time sticking to this commitment.

I hope you can empathise with my reasons for publishing less posts, and I want to say thank you for your continuing readership.


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