Five things copywriters fear


You probably thought you were a terrible copywriter at some point. You may still do.

From not getting the right results for your clients, to being the only one who cares about good writing, here are five things that can cause you to doubt yourself as a copywriter.

Oh, and how you can get over them.

  1. ‘What if I’m sh*t?’

The fear that no matter what you write, it’s awful. It’s off-brand, and won’t connect with you reader. And it’s going to take forever to get good.

Yes, it is. But since you’re going to spend almost every day writing, you’ll get much better at it over time.

  1. ‘What if I think I’m good, but I’m actually sh*t?’

You’ve learned all the tips and tricks that make great copy great. And with them, you make your copy great. That’s what you’ve convinced yourself, anyway.

But no one else thinks so. That’s why everything you write is still wrong.

Over time, you’ll learn how to be confident in your quality of work, and how to accept criticism and get better at writing from it.

As you keep writing, you’ll get better, and getting better will make you more confident.

  1. ‘I’m the only one who cares about good writing …’

Yes, you are. Remember, your clients don’t care about you ending jargon and unnecessarily long sentences; they care about getting results.

Your copy should do that, even if it means, er, using jargon and long sentences.

Your readers don’t care about good writing either. They care about making their lives better. Your copy should show them how they can do this.

  1. ‘What if my writing isn’t getting results?’ 

Sure, you can write, but what good is it if your writing doesn’t increase sales, or donations, or likes?

After your copy has been published, or gone live, or aired, you need to find out how it performed.

You may be relived, or have more to learn about getting those precious results. Remember, you can only lean and get better.

  1. ‘I can’t get the message, or TOV, right.’

The wrong TOV will bore or alienate your readers, and the wrong message will waste their time.

You have to nail both. But what if you can get one and not the other?

Prioritise. Start by working out you’ve got to say, then focus on the best way of saying it.


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