How to turn features into benefits

Aldi Intex

Aldi started selling the Intex 120 Air Jet Spa Pool Hot Tub recently. It sold out online within minutes, and probably did quite well in stores too.

This is partly down to its cost. At £299, it’s its own USP. Who else sells a hot tub this cheap?

The other features and benefits in the product description helped, but the features alone may not have been enough to do this. Aldi did wonders for themselves by turning the features into benefits.

Let’s take a look.

Tell me something good

The description says the tub has a ‘simple, sleek finish’. This doesn’t tell us why that’s a good thing. It just tells us there are no wacky patterns on it.

But Aldi reckon ‘it will look great in your home, either indoors or outdoors’. The plain design means there’s nowhere it will look out of place. It gives the buyer choice.

Speaking of place, the tub is ‘inflatable’. Alone, all this means is you can take it up and down at will. Why is this a good thing?

Because it’s ‘portable’. You can take it anywhere you want, at anytime. As with the finish, the choice is yours.

Finally, the tub has a ‘lockable insulating cover’. Which means it keeps heat inside.

And this is useful to the reader as ‘it helps keep heating costs to a minimum’. Money-saving. An appreciated benefit any time of year.

Making life better

All these features can be thought of as benefits if the imagination is left to it. But including these benefits in the description probably helped Aldi sell the tub.

It’s easy to see how they’ll make the reader’s life better. A hot tub that’s cheap to run, can be put up anywhere at anytime, and won’t look bad.


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