What I read for the last time

Hello everyone, and welcome to my final ‘What I read’ blog post. I’ve decided to end this series and write more posts on copywriting. I want to take Thought Dump in this direction, and I felt ‘What I read’ isn’t right for it.

So for the last time, here’s what I read this month.


The Noise of Time

Julian Barnes, Vintage 2017

There’s a good story here, with lots of historical context. But it comes across as a random string of thoughts told in the third person, and gets lost. However, this doesn’t stop The Noise of Time from being enjoyable.



pocket-of-hong-kongLonely Planet: Pocket Hong Kong (5th Edition)

Piera Chen, Lonely Planet 2015

Don’t let the word ‘pocket’ fool you; there’s a lot of information in this book. I’d say there’s a week’s worth of reading for at least a month’s worth of activities, meaning Piera Chen’s guide is great value for money. The focus on cheap and free doings, plus high-end ones, is welcome. There isn’t much about the Cantonese language here, but this is better off in its own book.


a-woman-in-berlinA Woman in Berlin

Anonymous, Virago Press 2011

As the Russian forces were sacking Berlin near the end of the Second World War, this anonymous author recorded her thoughts in a diary. There’s some disturbing reading here, but it’s worth reading. A big thank you to the author for sharing this sensitive stuff.



If it’s worth sharing

As I said at the start of this post, this is my final ‘what I read’. I won’t be writing book reviews in this way again. But if I read a book and I think there’s something worth sharing in it, I’ll write about it.

Thanks for reading, everyone.


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