10 years of the iPhone: how it changed copywriting


I read an article on the BBC website about the iPhone turning 10 this year. The author talked about how the device popularised certain actions. This blog post will look at the ways the iPhone, and smart phones in general, have affected copywriting.

Browsing the web got easier

It was possible to browse the Internet on a mobile phone before smart phones got so popular. But with their small, low quality screens, it was difficult. The iPhone changed that. Now most phones are hand-held computers first and telephones second.

Brands know this, and many build their websites to work on phone screens as well as computer monitors. You can tell when they haven’t, as their pages will appear cramped and probably make you want to leave their site.

More emails got opened

Again, it was possible to open emails on a mobile, but old interfaces made it a hassle. Since we now carry mini computers with much nicer-looking interfaces in our pockets all the time, we’re checking our emails a lot more than before. And brands are sending out more email campaigns than before.

Email campaign websites like Mailchimp let copywriters see what their emails will look like on smart phone screens, so they can adjust their copy to fit these.

Image sourcing got simpler

Many companies ask their marketing staff to be multi-disciplined. When you write a news story or blog post for their website, or content for their social media pages, you’ll often be expected to find the image for this too.

Your image may be determined by your copy, but for things like exhibition or conference attendances, smart phone cameras have made it easier to get these images yourself, and at a decent quality. All you have to do is go to your phone’s camera app, and take the picture.

Your thoughts

What other ways has the iPhone and smart phones changed copywriting? Share your answers in the comments section below.


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