If copywriting were a person, I’d love and hate it


If copywriting were a person, I know what some of its strengths would be. I know what a few of its flaws would be, too.


Copywriting is selfless

Copywriting is never about what it wants; it’s about what I want. It tells me how a product or service can help my situation, or make me feel better. That’s something I appreciate.

Copywriting is interesting

Copywriting tells me about things I didn’t know about. And I didn’t know I’d find these things interesting. This is always a nice surprise.

Copywriting understands me

Copywriting uses a tone of voice that gets my attention. It never talks to me in way that’s boring or hard to understand. I can relate to it.


Copywriting is manipulative

Copywriting knows how to make me worry, and make me think about something I wasn’t thinking about before. That scares me. To quote Fight Club’s Tyler Durden, ‘Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes. Working jobs we hate to buy s**t we don’t need.’*

Copywriting is an attention-seeker

Copywriting uses headlines I can’t help but notice. It distracts me from the things I need to do. It’s always desperate for my attention.

Copywriting is intrusive

Copywriting turns up in my letterbox when I’m not expecting it to. It turns up in my inbox when I haven’t arranged for it to. It gets in the way of my day. And the worst part is I didn’t ask it to show up.

If your job were a person

If your job were a person, would you love it or hate it? What would its strengths and flaws be? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

*I know everyone quotes Fight Club. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.

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