What I read in November

Another month, another blog post where I talk about the books I read.


Val McDermid, Wellcome Collection 2015

I came away from this book asking one tiny question: HOW DOES ANYONE GET AWAY WITH CRIME EVER?! Forensics goes into so much depth about the practices of crime detection, it’s genuinely hard to believe foul play can go unresolved. Val’s interviews with professionals from the field and historical accounts of cracking wrongdoing work great together. I agree with her closing remarks: that forensic investigation is “imaginative and painstakingly honest,” and that “the people are awesome.”


wishful-drinking-coverWishful Drinking

Carrie Fisher, Pocket Books 2009

If you want something you can binge-read in two hours while chuckling at, Wishful Drinking is a good choice. Even the darker notes don’t deter from Carrie’s humorous, autobiographical prose. If you ever wanted ‘Hollywood inbreeding’ explained, this is an interesting place to get that explanation. It’s not as nasty as it sounds.





Various authors, Roast Books Ltd. 2012

In this collection of stories, written for the stroke support charity InterAct, the works of Toby Young, Lolita Chakrabarti and Emily Peddler have the most sticking power. Generally, the prose hits harder than the poetry in this bundle, but Nell Dunn’s ‘The Overcoat’ makes a strong ending stinger. The story of the charity itself is also fascinating.


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