What I read in October

It’s almost the end of the month, which means its time to talk about what’ve I’ve read in the last four weeks.


The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend

Katrina Bivald, Vintage 2016

You’ve travelled from the European mainland to a middle-of-nowhere town in the USA to meet your pen pal. Only to discover they’re dead. It’s a good reason not to stay. But you also happen to be the most exciting that’s ever happened to the town, so nobody wants you to leave.

Broken Wheel has an entertaining premise, quirky characters, and a cute story. There are moments when things get too exposition-y, but the story makes this work. Sara, the novel’s book-loving protagonist, will have you asking yourself if you’ve done enough reading lately.


elephants-on-acid-coverElephants on Acid

Alex Bose, Pan Books 2016

A paperback about the most bizarre experiments in the history of science with almost no critical praise on its front and back covers can provoke scepticism. But the content of Elephants offers a plain English approach to well-sourced scientific information, and at the same time dispels some common myths.

It’s a great way of boosting your trivia knowledge, and you may want a copy close by before you take part in your next pub quiz.



twelve-silver-cups-coverTwelve Silver Cups

Enid Blyton, Award Publications Limited 1985

I found this collection of short stories for children whilst tidying my old bedroom. It’s clear each tale has a moral lesson for youngsters, and some of these are surprisingly blunt and punishing. But for the most part things are appropriately upbeat.

Blyton’s stories are good at establishing conflict, and length-wise don’t overstay any welcomes. Good news for parents reading their little ones to sleep, and don’t want to be up all night.


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