Your writing needs no introduction


Well, maybe it does. Mine doesn’t. Actually, this is an introduction. I’m waffling. And you’ve stopped reading and clicked on another web page.

I like writing a 25 or 50-word introduction to my blog posts, and I always include these during the planning stage as a way of summarising my content.

Persuasion can make your introduction stand out. Every post out there is fighting for a prospective reader’s attention. They may be short on time, so your introduction should persuade them your post is worth theirs.

Unneeded repetition

Whilst I like including an introduction in the planning stage, I don’t always end up using this. Sometimes, I find what’s written here gets repeated at the start of the main body. In this situation, I tend to start the post from there instead.

Unneeded repetition can be distracting to a prospective reader. This is something that could make them think your post isn’t worth their time. It may be better to start your post from the beginning of the main body.

Treat the first sentence of this like an introduction: it should be intriguing, flow nicely into the rest of your content, and encourage the reader to keep reading.

Aim to persuade

Whether you start your blog post with an introduction or from the main body, you should always aim to persuade the reader your content is worth their time.


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