Do only writers care about good writing?


If you’re a copywriter, you may be familiar with the situation I’m about to describe.

You’ve been taught to write everything in plain English, free of jargon, and clearly and concisely. It doesn’t matter if the brand you’re writing for is business-to-consumer or business-to-business. At the end of the day, all communications is person-to-person.

So you write for a brand with this practice in mind. When you show them the work you’ve done, they tell you they want some things changed. This is inevitable.

But what they want changed is not what you’re saying, but how you’ve presented what you’re saying. They want the corporate-speak you spent ages removing back and the plain English you replaced this with made more complicated.

Learning and sales

Why should a brand hire a writer to make their language more accessible, only if they want it changed to a different shade of corporate?

This makes me wonder if only writers care about good writing. Writers want to learn about something, and phrase this in the best way possible. Businesses, on the other hand, want sales. Maybe they’re worried plain English won’t get them this.

Thick skin

For all the uncertainty in my writing ability this scenario makes me feel, it is proof of one thing I’ve been told copywriters need to have: a thick skin.

Copywriters should be used to their ideas getting changed or ignored, and not get emotionally attached to them. Even if the writer thinks the brand is wrong by making changes, not getting emotionally disturbed by these changes makes sleeping a lot easier.


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