What I read in September

Hello, and welcome to a new way of reviewing books on Thought Dump. Rather than just reviewing one book each month, I thought I’d talk more about all the books I read during the last 30 days.

By discussing more titles, I thought I could inspire you to give these books a try. As this is the first time I’ve done book reviews this way, I’m also seeing if it works. 


The Movie Doctors

Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo, Cannongate Books 2015

Packed with film trivia and script-formatted segments, this book on movies and the moods they should be watched in is a lot of fun. You’ll come away with a ‘to watch’ list that will keep you busy, but the inclusion of spoilers for many iconic films will undoubtedly bother more knit-picky readers.




the_girl_on_the_train-coverThe Girl on the Train

Paula Hawkins, Doubleday 2015

I was curious to read this much-hyped thriller before its cinematic adaptation is released in theatres in a couple of weeks. Train is full of ‘Oh my goodness!’ moments, although these sometimes feel like they’re only done to cause shock. Maybe that’s down to the story’s unreliable narrator, who is kind of tedious. If the aim is to shock, however, then Train shocks well.



how-to-be-a-tudor-coverHow to Be a Tudor

Ruth Goodman, Viking 2015

Having previously read Ruth’s How to Be a Victorian and been impressed with the detail that had been dug up on the everyday life of the era, I was expecting to be just as impressed with Tudor, and I have been. It’s refreshing to read history that focuses beyond royalty, and accessible instructions invite you to live the Tudor life yourself.



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