Graphic design makes me want to break things


If you’re a graphic designer, let me reassure you that I don’t want to hurt you. But if you make me do your job, I will break your computer.

I also believe it’s good for writers to have an awareness of graphic design. Knowing what shapes and sizes your copy will getting put on to can help you visualise how it will look on the finished marketing material, and help you plan your copy accordingly.

Writers and designers need to work in close proximity of each other because collaboration is essential. They are integral players in creating marketing materials, and their disciplines need each other to get the work finished.

But these disciplines aren’t the same thing, and experience has taught me it’s impossible to be both a writer and a designer.

Umbrella job

Sometimes, I read job descriptions that ask prospective employees to have experience of both writing and designing. This makes me want to break things.

These descriptions suggest the two disciplines fall under some kind of umbrella term, and this is far from true. Design requires concentrated training in software that takes years to become fluent with.

Experience has also taught me that you need to ‘get’ the software as soon as you start using it. I never had the patience for design software when I was younger, and I don’t now. I have tremendous respect for those who do.

Always a writer

Writing and designing are disciplines that should always be working in collaboration with each other. But they shouldn’t be treated as an umbrella discipline. I will always be a writer, but I will never be a designer.


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