Your flaws could make you a good copywriter

For Flaws blog post

You probably have flaws, which can be distracting in your personal life. But yours could make you a good copywriter. I’ve shared some of mine below, and discussed ways of stopping them from becoming destructive professionally.

Sounding better on paper

As I suspected from my negative job interview experience, where I would always get invited to interviews but never past this stage, I’m better at using the written word to describe things than with verbal communication.

Copywriting is about using the written word to persuade, or get some kind of response from your reader. If you’re good with words, this could be a profession to consider.

But being a writer isn’t an excuse to never talk again. You should always be prepared to explain your creative choices if asked, and your research process should involve talking to people. Luckily, writing is also a form of preparation.

Worrying what others think

Worrying about other peoples’ feelings can have a devastating impact on your own. In copywriting, you are always making work for an audience. It’s never about you.

You should spend lots of time learning about the people you’re writing for, and ask yourself ‘what would my audience think of this?’

Of course, obsessing over anything can become unhealthy. Identifying who your audience are, how they talk and what they want should provide you with enough insight.

Being too detail-oriented

In the past I’ve been criticised for spending too much time perfecting work, reading pieces over and over in search of the most pedantic errors. But bad spelling and grammar is a HUGE turn-off to readers. A good eye for detail is always good for a copywriter.

But you shouldn’t necessarily go crazy. Always read your work out loud and if you can, get someone else to proofread it for you. Keep the detail, and lose the obsession.

Do you think there any flaws that could make someone a good copywriter? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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