I’ve been blogging for one year

Date for One Year

This is one of those posts where the title says it all. One year ago, I launched and published my first blog post on Thought Dump, and I’m still doing it now.

I want to talk about the achievements I’m proudest of, what Thought Dump has become over the past twelve months and where’d I’d like to take it next.


I published my first post on Tuesday 28 July 2015, and I’ve published a post every Tuesday since then without fail. There were times I knew I’d be busy, so I prepared for this by writing several posts weeks in advance. And there were times when I knew I’d be busy, so I wrote posts and published them on the same day.

But the point is there hasn’t been a Tuesday in the past year when a post hasn’t gone up, and I’m extremely proud of that.

Like most writers, I’m happy my posts have gotten a reaction. Although views, likes and comments haven’t always been in high numbers, they’ve been there, along with a small number of subscribers.

I’m sorry to be soppy, but thank you so much to everyone who has ever checked out and subscribed to Thought Dump. I hope you’ll stick around.

The creative industries

I started Thought Dump because I wanted something that would get me writing regularly, and it has. I had a vague idea of what I wanted to write about: my thoughts on and experiences of writing.

That has evolved slightly over the last year. Now, Thought Dump is a blog about my experiences of working, and trying to find work, in the creative industries. I talk about my aspirations and my concerns here, and sometimes these reveal something about my personality. I’m fine with this.

I know there are lots of other people like me. My hope is they can relate to the stuff I’m writing about, professionally and personally.


In January 2016 I published my first book review. I decided to do this because I like learning things through reading and writing.

I intended to review all kinds of books, but by accident I’ve mostly reviewed post-2000 non-fiction works. This is a niche that I want to stick with.

But that doesn’t mean I want to totally rule out other books or any kind of creative work. If I see or experience something and I really want to write about it, I’ll write about it.

What’s next?

With a clear understanding of what Thought Dump has become, I’ll be making some changes to the blog in the next few weeks. The first thing to change will be the tagline.

This will better summarise what my writing on here is about. My location will be another reason why this is changing. The word ‘Dorset’ is now redundant, but I’ll talk about that more next week. The ‘About’ page will change in a similar way.

The now

I’ve been writing Thought Dump for one year. It’s gotten a small following in that time and I’ve never missed a post, which I’m happy about.

My posts have mostly been about my experiences, aspirations and concerns with being a young person trying to find work in the creative industries. I also write reviews of contemporary non-fiction books, and I’m going to make some changes to the blog based on these developments.


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