How to deal with cynicism

Cynicism blog post

With my latest freelance projects about to finish, I’ve been applying for lots of writing jobs over the past few weeks and not having a lot of luck. It’s making me feel cynical.

I had to stop one application because my cynicism got too distracting. As I was writing my cover letter, I kept on thinking about how thousands of people will be applying for this one job, making my application unlikely to be successful. All my effort will be a waste.

I needed to stop feeling like this. I’m certain I’m not the only person who’s felt cynical when applying for their dream job, so I hope the advice in this blog post can help you as well as me.

Walk away

If your cynicism is blocking your productivity, walk away from whatever’s making you feel it. Stop what you’re doing and go do something else. This should be something that makes you happy.

Go for a walk, or a run. Get yourself a tasty beverage of some description. If there’s a song or a video game that always puts you in a good mood, load it up.

Treat yourself

Right now, you need something that’s going to change your mood fast. If there’s a book or film that you’ve wanted to buy for a while, buy it. If there’s a café or restaurant that you’ve always wanted to go to, go there.

I know this seems a bit materialistic, but it’s important for you to get out of your negative headspace. Plus, it’s not like you’ll be treating yourself all the time. 

Let it all out

Sometimes, you just need to let out all of your frustration in a healthy way. If you know someone who doesn’t mind listening to you complain, ask them if they’d be okay with hearing you out.

If they’re not available, get a pen and some paper and write down everything that’s bothering you without stopping. When you’re done, look at what you’ve written. Seeing it outside of your head can feel relieving.

Getting over it

I hope my advice can help you get over your cynicism. If you have any tips on dealing with this, feel free to share it in the comments section below.


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