When you feel anxious, read this

For read this when you're anxious blog post

There will always be times when you feel anxious. But it’s easier to overcome this feeling than you think. You just need to remember to do the following things.

Play your guitars

You may not be as disciplined a player as you used to be, but so what? You don’t need to be disciplined. Pick up your instruments whenever you feel like having a bit of fun. Try learning and playing along to a song you like. This gets your concentration levels pumping.

Spend time with your friends

As much of a quiet person as you are, you still need to be with other people every now and then. Find out what your friends are up to, and arrange to meet them. You’ve got more friends than you think, and they’d love to hear from you.


It doesn’t mater where you do it, as long as you do it. Do it at home and it’ll stop you from thinking about what else you could be doing. Do it outdoors or in a café and you’ll get some exercise and fresh air on your way there. Talk about what you’re reading. Tweet it. You might even start a dialogue. 


All of these things can calm you down. When you feel anxious, read this.


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