My alternative career plan

For back-up plan blog post

Anyone who’s been reading this blog for a while will know I want to be a copywriter. But in case that never works out, I have an alternative career plan: working in theatres or other arts environments in box office or front of house roles.

Social creatives

The main reason I’d like to work in these roles is because I like the creative environment they put me in. I like dealing with information that’s all about performances and venues, and being knowledgeable of these things when someone asks me.

Maybe there’s a parallel here with why I like writing. In both career fields, I’m learning and relaying information in a clear and precise way. The key difference with a front of house role is that this information is being shared verbally, rather than in writing.

The second reason for having front of house as my back-up is I get to be social with people who, like me, have an interest in seeing shows.

I have experience of working in this type of job. In my final of year of university, I was part of the events staff team for an arts organisation that operated across three small venues.

At the moment, I volunteer at a theatre that’s a similar size to these. This is to keep my experience in this area up and because I enjoy it.

Moving on up

If I ever did return to this area of work, I’d like to eventually progress into a management position. Particularly floor management on the night of performances.

From what I’ve seen of my managers in these roles and what they do, I understand it involves having good organisation skills and attention to detail. I have these. In fact, one of my former managers praised me for the latter. I’d look forward to using these skills.

I’ve given a lot of credit to working in arts environments here, but my main career goal is still copywriting. However, this is a highly competitive area to work in and if it doesn’t look like it’s going to work out in the next few years, I will turn my attention to my alternative plan.

If, and when

I’m going to end this blog post with two questions. First up, do you have an alternative career plan in case your main one doesn’t work out?

If you do, when do you think is a good time to put this plan into action?


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