Should freelance writers live alone?

Lonely room

I recently had a job interview for some freelance writing work. The interviewer told me this would be for around 18 hours per week. I was totally up for this, but then the interviewer said something I wasn’t expecting.

She expressed concern about my current work situation, which is a full-time administration support role, and pulling me out of this for a temporary position with less hours. She said she didn’t want me to compromise my livelihood, and wondered if I could do the work for her around my current job.

Risky business

I explained to her that I knew the risks of working as a freelance writer and how working patterns can alternate between busy and dead periods.

I also said I’d be prepared to leave my job to write for her. I don’t mind making less money if it will improve my career prospects. The more copywriting experience I have, the better this will look on my future job applications.

Screwed over

Compromising my livelihood for relevant employment experience wouldn’t be a problem if I lived on my own. But I have a roommate, who’s also a professional in their twenties. I’d feel guilty if my working situation meant getting us both in trouble when it comes to paying rent and bills.

This makes me wonder if living alone is something to think about for young, aspiring freelance writers like myself. I’d feel better if my job put just my living situation in danger, and no one else’s.

A freelance dilemma

The more time I spend in an administration job, the less writing experience I can get. I don’t mind taking a risk to get experience, but I hate the thought of putting someone else at risk with me.


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