My thoughts on the first Young Writers workshop

Last week, I attended the first in a series of workshops called Young Writers at the Lighthouse Theatre in Poole, where writers of all disciplines came to take part in writing exercises and improve their own writing skills.

There were around nine or ten writers in total, and a wide range of writing forms were covered between us. Some wrote poetry about intense subjects, while others wrote anecdotal prose about their own life experiences.

What happened?

The group took part in three writing exercises. The first was about writing a poem using a lyric from each writer’s favourite song. There was a prose exercise where we wrote about a childhood event, first from our own perspectives and then from another’s. The script exercise involved writing about an encounter with a favourite celebrity.

The workshop coordinators also took time to explain what they’d like the writers to get out of these workshops as the weeks progressed. They said we’ll gain the confidence to perform our work and send it out for publishing, whilst reading it to each other and receiving constructive feedback along the way.

Getting better

It was really nice to be in a creative workshop environment again, which is something I’ve not been a part of since my second year of university. I love how, despite being a group of writers in different disciplines, we have similar goals for our work and all want to become better at our hobby.

That’s why I’m looking forward to getting constructive feedback for some of my blogs posts in the near future. Whilst I think these are pretty readable, I don’t have total reassurance that the reader understands everything as I’m the only person who proofreads them before I click the publish button.

When I bring in my posts for feedback, I’ll be able to get some of that reassurance which will help me make my writing even more readable. And hopefully, I’ll be able to offer advice to support other writers with their work in return.

The future

For the Young Writers workshops, I’ll be taking part in writing exercises for a variety of disciplines and learning how make my work better. This means my blog posts will improve, and I get to be in a creative and supportive environment again.


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