I can and will be a successful creative

After feeling gloomy from getting no writing jobs, seeing a couple of my creative friends enjoying success has reminded me that it’s possible to be successful and creative.

Saddening thoughts

As I mentioned last week, I’ve just started a new job. A job which doesn’t involve copywriting. Or writing or creativity of any kind. After months of applying for writing jobs and not making it past the interview stage, I had to look elsewhere for work or the boredom would kill me.

I’m relieved to be in work again, but disheartened by my bad luck. Copywriting jobs always seem go to the people with the most experience. I’ve been told I interview well, but my experience (which is good, but not extensive) was the reason I lost out to other interviewees.

Success can happen

A couple of weeks ago I went to Bath, the city where I got my university education, and had a catch-up with a couple of friends. Both of them are musicians and were enjoying being creative; one as a touring musician and the other getting ready for their first gig with their new band.

Both of them had worked hard to get to where they were professionally, and were clearly satisfied by their successes. Seeing their happiness reminded that it is possible to be a successful working creative-type.

This experience rejuvenated me. I know things in my creative career aren’t going exactly as I want them to now, but I’m convinced they eventually will. There will be more rejection to come, but I will get to smile after putting in lots of effort.

Happy in the end

I’ve been plunged into administrative work by rejection, but eventually I will get luckier. I will be a successful creative like my friends, get the life I want and be happy.


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