How to tell if the quality of my content is being compromised

I’ve just started a new job, which means I have less time to write my blog posts. I don’t want this to affect the quality of my posts, but I’m afraid it could.

Because of this, I decided to write this post as a way of testing my content. There are four signs that I think will indicate a lapse in quality, and by writing them here I can refer to them later if I think my posts are wavering.

  1. Increase in list posts (like this one)

They’re easy to write, quick to research and come with headlines that pull in readers. Whilst they’ve proven to be effective, an increase in list posts means a decrease in other kinds of posts and a lack of content variety.

  1. Changes in posting times and dates

I’ve always been able to post my content on Tuesdays at various times. For the next few months I’ll be posting in the evenings (UK time) because of my work hours. Hopefully this will be consistent.

If I start posting content on different days and at different times each week, it shows a lack of time management on my part. Plus, this may seem rude to readers (if there are any who check out my blog regularly) who were promised content at a certain time.

If I did have to change the date and time of my posts, I would write this in my posts out of politeness and hopefully with an explanation.

  1. Increase in short posts

As with list posts, a sudden increase and possible reliance on short posts means a lack of variety in my content. If this was going to happen, I would mention it in one of my posts like I would for changing the date and time of my posts.

  1. Aggressive TOV

If I’m ever criticising something or someone’s actions, I want to do this while keeping calm and carefully explaining what I think is wrong. I want to be able to think about what’s wrong. If my TOV gets aggressive, it’s possible that I’m not thinking things through properly and that writing has become a way of venting. I don’t want this. I set this blog up so I could think about things.

More list posts. Changing post dates and times without notice. More short posts. Aggressive TOV. If any of these start showing up on this blog, then I need to stop and think about what I’m writing. I will use this post to test my content.


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