My writing process in pictures

In my three month celebration blog post, I talked a little bit about how I usually plan, write and publish my blog posts. I thought I’d talk more about that here, and use some pictures to show the process.

This may seem somewhat hypocritical given my feelings about Buzzfeed-style blog posts, but it’s a new way of creating blog posts for me.

  1. Brainstorming ideas

A simple enough way of coming up with things to write about.


  1. Writing some initial thoughts on paper

When I’ve decided which idea I’d like to write about, I jot down some of my thoughts about it on paper. This helps give me a better idea of some of the points I’ll address in my blog post. They won’t necessarily appear in this order. And my spelling will be a lot better.


  1. Planning

Moving over to my laptop, I use bullet points and generic sub-headlines to break up the text and give it structure. I’ll also give each section a rough word count which I almost never stick to.


  1. First draft

I take away the bullet points, split the text into paragraphs and give each sub-headline a name that summarises the text that precedes it. I then smooth over the text by taking out as many spelling and grammar errors as I can find.


  1. Final draft

I give the writing a more thorough smoothing over by taking out inconsistencies, repetitions and re-writing any sentences that don’t read so easily. I may also re-consider the title of the post.


  1. Tags and publish!

I don’t give too much thought to the tags for my blog posts. I just enter terms that I think are relevant to the post I’m about to publish. Then I hit publish.



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