I made it to three months

So, I’ve been publishing weekly blog posts for three months now. Well, almost.

Why am I celebrating?

I published my first blog post on Thought Dump on Tuesday 31 July 2015. It’s almost three months later and I’m still here. And I’m celebrating that.

This is important to me because it shows perseverance (and that I have way too much time on my hands). In her book Blogging for Creatives, Robin Houghton says that a lot of blogs are abandoned within three months ‘usually because people lose heart and lack a proper plan’.

I know everyone who’s creative works differently. Planning things out helps some, but not so much for others.

Planning things out works for me, but I don’t do it too far in advance. Usually, I research, plan, write a first draft and edit a post between two and four weeks before I publish it.

I think this has worked for me because it means I have enough posts in storage so I can publish one if I’m in a rush, but not enough to ever get too relaxed about the whole thing.

A word on milestones

Whilst I think the three month milestone is worth celebrating, milestones are something to approach with caution. It can easy be for a milestone to become an excuse for not doing any work and getting lazy.

But by using common sense, you can make a distinction between what is and what isn’t worth celebrating. Completing the first paragraph of a first draft of an article is not an excuse to buy yourself a new pair of trainers. But completing the whole first draft is a good reason to get yourself a cup of coffee.

I know there are many more posts I need to write for the future, and in another three months (or nine), I’ll have a slightly bigger celebration. With coffee and trainers. But right now, I’m just happy I got here and I thought I should write about it.


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