Doing it all

I tend to only ever have a few life goals at a time, because if I have too many I fear I won’t achieve them. But recently I’ve discovered it’s okay to want to do lots of different things, because each separate thing is a life-enhancer.

Not very niche

There’s quite a lot of writing I want to do in my life. I want to be a copywriter. I want to try journalism. I want to try blogging (like this). I may also want to write micro fiction stories.*

A lot of writers say it’s good to have a niche when you’re deciding want kind of writing you want to do. For a long time, I agreed with this. It means you can keep within boundaries and not get distracted by all the pretty (but ultimately irrelevant) writing happening everywhere else. But I’m starting to think staying within boundaries is bad.

I should want to read all the writing in the world. If I don’t, then I’m stopping myself from learning new things, and that could make me boring. I don’t want to be boring.

Non-stick goals

I often feel disappointed in myself when I change my goals because this means I’ll never have any long-term commitments. But it’s okay to want to do lots of different things, and it’s fine to have lots of goals.

I won’t ever know what I want to be the definitive version of me. But by doing lots of different things, for short or long periods of time, I won’t ever be boring.

By wanting to do lots of things and learning how to do them, I am making my life more interesting.

*I’m thinking of publishing some of these here.


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